One realtor down…

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Well, we met with one realtor this morning. They were thirty minutes late – which didn’t really give a good first impression. They could have called saying they made a wrong turn…

The long and short of it: we don’t trust ’em. Not a bit. They were a husband and wife team – Stephen and I were joking that they were trying to double-team us. But there was just something about them that made me uneasy. Really uneasy.

You should have seen how quickly they shut down when we told them that we were meeting with other realtors as well. Wow. The first realtor we met with encouraged us to meet with other realtors, and this one – well – you know.

I highly doubt we’ll be calling them back. But on the flip side – it sure gave us something else to consider – like what not to look for in a realtor!

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1 thought on “One realtor down…”

  1. We, too, will soon be realtor shopping…. I’m glad you aren’t settling!
    Praying for you in this journay…
    Any news on a job for Stephen or did I miss that post? 🙂

    Thinking of you!
    p.s. love the flying penguin game!

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