ISP issues

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Who would have thought that switching our ISP would be an issue? I certainly didn’t!

We figured that we could switch to a provider that offered service both here and in IN – so that we had one less thing to deal with after the move.

The first provider I tried actually messed up something in my email program (Incredimail)! First, it was denying access to the port it uses to send email. The tech support guy basically told me that I was wrong and that there was nothing wrong with their software. If that’s so, then how come I didn’t have a SINGLE problem until I installed their software??? When I wanted to cancel the account, they gave me 3 months free. That’s nice, but I still can’t get it to work today.

So just now I downloaded another ISP’s software. So far – it doesn’t work either! Grrrrr… I’m still looking at their software to make sure I don’t have it configured incorrectly…

So, I’m back, connected to BellSouth again to troubleshoot. Good thing I didn’t cancel it yesterday like I was intending to! Thing is…..I just went to use Incredimail and it told me there was a file missing…so I’m downloading it again to see if that will fix the problem.

And to think…Stephen wanted me to work on laundry this afternoon…and here I sit…

(guess I better go finish the laundry, huh?)

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