Hot dogs and french fries do not wash well

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I threw a load of laundry in the washer today. Sitting on top of the dryer was a wadded up tablecloth – I knew it was dirty, so I threw it in the wash. I didn’t shake it out or look at it or anything.

Since we have beige carpet underneath our kitchen table, we use old sheets under Little man’s chair (we also use an old ugly tablecloth – it’s a little small but it does the job if the sheet we usually use hasn’t been washed yet). I found this tablecloth in the laundry room this morning, and assumed Stephen put it there after he shook the crumbs off it outside.

I was wrong.

I couldn’t figure out what the little white blobs of stuff were on my clean laundry until an entire soaked french fry fell out of something as I put it in the dryer. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that all of that washload was covered in french fry stuff.

So I took it back out of the dryer (thankfully I hadn’t run the dryer yet!) and shook it all out as I put it back in the washer for a second wash.

I even found bits of hot dog in the dryer! Yuck! I guess hot dogs and french fries don’t stand up well to the washer…

When I asked Stephen about it, I found out that he had set it on the dryer to shake it out later. Ha! Guess I’ll check things that sit on top of the dryer more closely from now on!

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