God is providing again

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I love it! It has been so neat to just sit back and watch as God provides for us.

I’m not one to just go out and shop for things for myself, especially clothing. If I need something pretty badly, I will go get it, but I’m not one to just go clothes shopping. Sunday at church, a lady came up to me saying she had a dress for me. I said, “okay” and left it at that. She brought it Sunday night, but I accidentally left it at church when we went home.

When I was there yesterday for lessons, I grabbed it and took it home with me, intending to try it on and maybe wear it today.

It’s a brown microfiber jumper, and it fits perfectly! Even better – there are no slits to mess with! I don’t like to mess with them – since I’m tall, most dresses with slits usually have the slit end up mid-thigh, and then I have to sew it shut at least partially to make it modest. This jumper had no slits – AND it was the perfect length too! I almost forgot – it’s VERY comfortable! :thumbup_tb: I used to wear a lot of jumpers like this, but I don’t have them anymore (you know, that whole get-married-gain-weight thing, lol!). It was nice to look in the mirror and see me wearing a style that I used to like so well.

Stephen just called me a few moments ago as well. He’s been doing some repair work over at his folks’ house, and they paid him today. Right when we needed the money for bills.

It has been absolutely amazing to see how God is providing for us, when things have seemed impossible. Stephen is unemployed, and yet each time, we’ve had the money to pay our bills. It reminds me of when I attended PCC. All through college I watched as friends had their bills miraculously paid; and I was jealous. I didn’t understand why those things never happened to me. I don’t know God’s reasoning for that – but I do know that He is providing for us now, and in mighty ways. We serve such an AWESOME God!

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