Do you have a cause?

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Do you have a cause? What is it? What is the one thing that drives you to live your Christian life to the fullest?

Dr. Simpson preached last night on having a cause in our Christian lives. It really made me think. He had a father and son come forward so that he could use them as an example. He had no idea the background of this father and son – it was so neat that of all the people present – he chose this dad.

The man got saved a couple years ago. Then, this summer, he and his wife separated. Their little boy was heartbroken. Every day at school (he attends Pilgrim) he would ask, “Pray for my mommy and daddy.” Such a sincere and heartfelt prayer for a four-year-old. About 2 months ago, the daddy came back home and they have been together ever since. It has been amazing to watch his growth as he has returned to church and gotten his life straightened out. He has been growing in Christ so much. There is an incredible difference in this man now compared to just months ago. His presence at our church is a living testimony to prayer.

When Dr. Simpson called him forward last night, he used his four-year-old son as a cause for him to continue in his Christian walk. He told him that whenever he gets discouraged, he can look at his son and remind himself that “I have a cause. I need to keep going because my son is watching me.” What a blessing.

So what is your cause? Do you have one? What keeps you living right? What keeps you living the way you should, keeping your eyes on Christ?

My cause, in part, is my son. The knowledge that I need to raise him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The knowledge that he watches every move I make. The knowledge that he sees when I fail – keeps me striving to keep the things he sees things that are right.

I also have another cause, that Stephen and I have been praying about for some time now. We’re still praying about some aspects of things, or I would put the full details here. In time, I will. But for now, my cause will remain nameless, at least here on my little blog. But a great burden or prayer request can also be a cause – and for me, that is the case.

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