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Amber was wanting to know which service I use to read blogs. It’s Very convenient!

The easiest way (for me, anyways) was to put the “Sub with Bloglines” button into my Favorites/Bookmarks folder. That way I didn’t have to enter any web addresses manually – I just went to the website, and then clicked Sub with Bloglines, and it took me right to the right page in Bloglines.

It really is a wonderful service. I also installed their notifier; but it’s not like that’s mandatory or anything. It does make things easier for me, though.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Wow … I’m sold!!! I set up all the blogs I’ve been frequenting on it yesterday. This morning I logged in went to bloglines and saw that I have about 5 out of 33 that were updated. Saved me alot of time this morning!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  2. It takes too much time to go to each blog individually, doesn’t it, lol! I still end up going to the blogs once in a while, but Bloglines sure cuts down on the “have they updated yet?” visits!

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