Being teachable

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Lately, the Holy Spirit has been convicting me of something. While I was reading my Bible this afternoon, He used what I was reading to speak to me further. I didn’t have any peace until I made a phone call and made things right.

Although I have gotten things right with that person, I’m still thinking about it. “It” being “being teachable.” How teachable am I? When someone instructs me, do I listen? Do I take to heart what that person is telling me?

As a piano teacher, I see many different personalities in my students. I have a student right now who has such a sweet spirit that she is just a joy to teach. It doesn’t matter what I say – her attitude is always wonderful and she is willing to try anything I tell her to do on the instrument. On the other hand, I have had some students who are so very hard to teach – because they were not teachable. I remember one of my very first students – he hated lessons and never really let me forget it. He made lessons miserable! He had plenty of talent, but he resented me telling him what to do, even though my instruction was intended to help him grow as a musician.

In life, we’re just like that. When we receive instruction, what is our reaction? Do we take the directions to heart and obey them? Or do we only obey outwardly – all the while, seething inside and not really caring who notices our bad attitude?

I know for me at least, I have to work sometimes to have a good attitude. But in the long run, my opinion really doesn’t matter when I am told to do something. It’s my attitude, my obedience (outward AND inward). We have a choice.

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