Balanced my checkbook

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Just got done balancing my checkbooks. For years now, we’ve kept our records on the computer using Crown Financial Ministries’ Money Matters Software. It has been a lifesaver!

Before we started using it (and well before I had learned anything by way of frugality), it would take me hours at a time to try to get our checkbooks to balance, and there were often huge errors. Now, since I enter every transaction as soon as it is made, and since the program has a “Reconcile Account” feature, it is much easier to balance. I just sit down with my bank statement, and double check each transaction to my register. It tells me when things I have entered don’t match and if I need another $20 transaction to balance the account.

It also helps you to set up a budget, and gives detailed reports of how you’ve adhered to each category. It can even give you a graph of what things have looked like for the past year. Very helpful in re-doing your budget!

I can honestly say our checkbook has balanced to the penny for the last several years. Is that a blessing or what?

We’ve been using the 2001 version of Money Matters. They recently came out with an upgrade that sounds really nice, and I’d like to upgrade soon. I haven’t yet though because it’s not a priority, and because I have a hard time justifying spending an additional $60 when the one I have works just fine. Someday… (Like when Stephen gets a new job, lol!)

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