Attica, IN

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Attica, Indiana. A town of 4,000 people and 11 bars. A town in desperate need of Christ and only one Independant Baptist Church. A town whose small Baptist church only has 50 members, where almost half the members are teens who walk to church by themselves.

That’s where God has called us. We will be moving as soon as we sell our house here and Stephen gets a job up there.

The pastor’s wife and I have been friends for several years. When they found out that Stephen was laid off, she suggested that we come up there and help them at their small church. She told us about a local Christian school that was hiring.

We agreed to consider it. What we didn’t anticipate was the intense burden that God would lay on our hearts for that city.

As time went on, God gave us complete and total peace to at least pursue looking into moving to Attica. We didn’t know what would come of it; we just knew that we needed to get more information.

When we went to visit my family over Christmas, Stephen and I took a day to go visit the little church. We figured that at least we could get some answers, and if God didn’t want us there, we prayed that He would be abundantly clear about it.

God was abundantly clear, all right; but that we are supposed to move. We drove back to my parents’ house that next morning with an even greater burden for that city.

As Stephen read his Bible that night, God used Psalm 37 to confirm to him that we are to move. We didn’t talk about it much right then. The day after that, I opened my Bible to Psalm 37, and God used the exact same 4 verses to give me the same incredible peace that He had given Stephen just the day before. It was an amazing moment when we both discovered how God had used the same passage to speak to both of us.

We told our family up in Michigan while we were there. When we returned home, Stephen talked to Preacher to tell him and get his counsel about everything. Preacher totally understands that burden, and is behind Stephen 100%. He doesn’t want us to leave from a human standpoint, but he knows that the call is from God and is very supportive of us. We were just waiting to tell Pilgrim about it.

Last night, in the revival service, Stephen felt that the Holy Spirit was nudging him to tell the church about our call to Attica. I cried the whole time he was speaking, thinking about the goodbyes that will need to be said. This church has become family to us; we have made some indredible friends in Christ, and I don’t want to leave them. But as much as I don’t want to leave my friends, I can’t wait to go to Attica – God has given us a leading to go somewhere and we can’t wait to just go get started!

Preacher mentioned that the church would be doing what it could to help us wrap things up here and get going. I’m not exactly sure what all that entails; but I’m excited to see how things work out.

Our biggest hurdles right now are selling our house and Stephen getting a job in Attica. To be honest – we could even leave after we sell our house here – that’s the biggest thing holding us back. I’m not exactly sure how the details will work out.

We will see. God has laid this city on our hearts so heavily, and Stephen and I have that incredible “peace which passeth all understanding.” We know that God has called us, and where God guides, God provides. If He truly wants us to move, He’ll make everything work out so that we can go.

I was waiting to announce our move until something had been said at church. Now that the church knows, I can be more open here. There are some young girls from church who read my blog here, and I didn’t want them to find out from the internet that we are leaving. From here on out, I should be able to be more open here. I will be posting details as I find them out myself.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying for me and my family. I appreciate it SO MUCH! Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Attica, IN”

  1. Mel, sorry I mixed up my two blogs and gave you the wrong address. I have a myspace and a xanga and I combined the two. All4HimOnly is the correct one now. 🙂 sorry bout that.

  2. Will be praying for your house sale. I’m planning to sell my house this spring. Am headed to Nicaragua this week, so we’ll see what’s going on after that.

    Praying for you guys.

  3. Wow – it’s so good to hear from you two again! That is so exciting. Stephen and I will definitely be praying for you – being in the ministry is such a blessing!

    Now – off to read your blog!

  4. Melody and Stephen,
    That is awesome. So glad to hear how God is continuing to work. Serving the King is exciting! God-willing, Becky and I will probably be stepping into full-time ministry within the next few months. I have been asked to consider the position of Associate Pastor of Youth and Music here at our home church in Haddon Heights, NJ. Wow! What a great God we have! We love our teens here and working with them. God Bless!

    In Christ,
    Ben and Becky Finch

  5. Ahhh, how well I know that deep peace when God is calling somewhere! Congratulations on your new place of ministry, and I pray God’s blessings on your move! I’m very excited for you!

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