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I think God wanted to show us today that He’s going to provide for us. This morning after church, when I got in the van, Stephen threw a folded slip of paper onto my lap.

It was a check for $100 that someone had given him, slipped into a handshake.

I shouted for joy! It is amazing how God chooses to provide.

Then tonight after church, I was talking with someone. They reached out their hand and handed me something. It was a nice, crisp, $50 bill. Wow.

Isn’t God amazing? I love it! I was wondering how God would meet our needs this month, and apparently this is how He’s chosen to work.


AND, as if that weren’t enough – we have two more people seriously asking us about our house – one is someone who knows some people who are looking to buy, and the other is a family looking to rent. We’re not 100% sure how we feel about renting yet, but let’s just say we’re not completely writing it off either. None of it may pan out, but just knowing that there’s interest there is encouraging to me.

Wow – what a day!

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