We're home!

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I am SO glad to be home! We’ve been home for about an hour now. I’m checking email really quickly, just to see if there’s anything important, and then I’ll be off to bed.

I’ve been sick all week (upset stomach) and right now is no exception. It’s been off and on (like Monday and Tuesday I was very, very sick, but then felt better until Friday and today) so I’m not really sure what’s causing it. Nerves, I guess. Either way, I’m 95% sure I’m not contagious, and I can’t wait to get to bed.

I had 176 feeds on Bloglines! Can’t wait to go read everyone’s blogs…

I’ll be back on the web “full time” on Monday. Just wanted to let you know I’m home!

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2 thoughts on “We're home!”

  1. Welcome home. Happy New Year! I cam down with the creeping crud around Christmas but I seem to be getting better. Hope you feel better.


  2. YEAHHHHHHHHHH, I’m so glad your home, I missed you !!! Hope you had a great time !! And Mell, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! See you in a little while !!


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