We have information!

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Oooohhhhhh I’m so excited I could almost scream!

We got “the call.” Yay!

Now Stephen has 5 more numbers to call to go from there, lol! The call that Stephen got was basically just giving him the names and phone numbers that he had requested. So in a way, it’s nothing new, but on the other hand, it is.

Tomorrow Stephen will start calling them and we will see where we go from there.

It is such a relief to have those numbers though!

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4 thoughts on “We have information!”

  1. I was hoping nobody would notice, lol!

    What it is – it’s my “regular” blog theme. I was working on it a little bit to get some kinks out. I was hoping nobody was viewing my blog as I made the changes…but you obviously were here!

    You’ll see that theme after Christmas – probably around the first of the year.

    I was making the changes now so that later all I have to do is just click on the other theme to change it over…..instead of spending an hour tweaking it.

  2. Mell, why is it when I push your web site [from down at bottom] one time it has this pretty lite colored with light blue and then another time this christmas seen??

  3. OOOHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! I like this background you have here!!! It’s so dainty and femine!!! Where are you getting these can I get some different backgrounds, pretty like these?? *****NOTICE my new address in spot given getting rid of Incredimail soon so you can still get me at bellsouth later or this new one which I will use probably more often [cause of the “NAME”]

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