We are so blessed

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I don’t have a lot of time for a lengthy update, but I did want to just post a little one.

We are so blessed.

We are absolutely amazed and humbled at how our family reached out and gave and gave and gave and gave. It is so amazing to see exactly how God is providing for our family. So many family members gave us money for gifts this year; we are just absolutely amazed.

God is so good.

My personal favorite? The half-pound dark chocolate bar that my mom put in my stocking, lol!

Nah, not really, but it was the most, um, “funnest” gift I got! HA!

The most suprising one was a beautiful card from my brother. In it was some money, and a note stuck to the money that said, “Ssshh. Don’t say anything.” So I can’t tell you the amount. But coming from Jeff, it was very special. Like I said, we are blessed.

And Andy got me a gift card to Hobby Lobby – I cannot WAIT to go shopping!!!! Yeah!

Little man’s favorite gift was a toy chainsaw. The blade really goes around, and it makes noise. I told Stephen yesterday that that’s probably the one toy I will be excited to see the batteries die on! But Little man really loves it.

Have a great one – I’ll probably return to blogging full-time on Monday or so.

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  1. What a nice Christmas it sounds like you had. I love your new blog look its so pretty and feminine. My two year old guy got a box of play tools for Christmas that he just loves! He also got a truck that makes a lot of noise that I am waiting for the batteries to die on as well. LOL

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