Unexpected blessing

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When I went to get ready for church tonight I was a bit frustrated with my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong – I have plenty of clothes – but I was frustrated with what I do have.

For example, the jumper I wore today is very comfortable, but it is emerald green, and something in the dye of the fabric causes green to rub off onto any shirt I choose to wear with it. I found this out the hard way the first time I wore my new white shirt with it. Grrrr. Even after repeated washings the color still rubs off.

So anyways, I was making a mental list of pieces to add to my wardrobe to stretch it further, and I was praying as I did this. I basically asked the Lord to just provide some of the things that I needed. I have several sweaters and jumpers that I cannot wear anymore because I don’t have other pieces that coordinate.

Well, when I got to church tonight, one of the ladies came up to me and told me she had something for me.

It turned out to be a black microfiber jumper that looks like it’ll fit me perfectly (yay!) and a black knit short-sleeved top. That top is just what I needed! It will go with so many of my clothes, and it will allow me to wear a lot more of my wardrobe! How neat is that?

It was such a quick answer to prayer! God did that yesterday too. I prayed that He would send me another bracelet order, and an hour later, when I checked my email, there was another order! I love it when God chooses to work like that! It’s almost like it’s little bursts of encouragement right when I need it!

Isn’t God good?

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected blessing”

  1. Melody, that is so sweet!! GOD is good isn’t he? Its the little things that mean the most, sometimes!!! Sorry it took so long to reply, this computer has been taking its sweet time tonight, I had to cut it off just to get it to do anything!! I’m actually getting use to it though!! [Kinda!! But I don’t really want it to continue to long with this “LOVELY” machine!!!] See you tomorrow night good luck, so to speak!!!

  2. Melody, I call those little unexpected blessings hugs from the Lord. They’re not things that we really expect and pray earnestly over, or maybe don’t even pray about them at all . . . the Lord just decides to say “I care about you – here’s a hug” I’m glad you got some hugs from the Lord! My dh’s brother and his wife tell their kids to “give lovin’s” – God gives lovin’s too! LOL

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