The diagnosis is in

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At 3 a.m. we heard a horrible, horrible sound coming from the other end of the house.

It was Little man. He was coughing. It was so raspy and awful-sounding.

We decided right then that as soon as the doctor’s office opened (yes, they’re open on Saturday mornings!) that we would call.

It turns out that Little man has the croup. And not just him – we all have it. I think I have it the least of the three of us – Stephen is miserable and Little man sounds awful. My cough is annoying me, but I really don’t feel too, too bad. I am thankful!

The doctor gave us a prescription for some steroids to help clear Little man’s cough up, and she recommended an otc cough syrup for Stephen and I.

We just had Little man at church last night, but he didn’t seem that sick then. We wouldn’t have taken him if he did! But when he woke up coughing like that – he had definitely gotten worse quickly.

We won’t be going to the church Christmas party tonight, and we’re still not sure about church tomorrow. We’re going to play it by ear and see how sick we all are in the morning. We might end up going, but we’re just not sure yet.

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5 thoughts on “The diagnosis is in”

  1. My little Selah was just taken to the emergency room on Thanksgiving Eve and diagnosed with croup. I was told that most people outgrow it by the age of five – as the area below their vocal cords is then too large to be swollen to the point of concern.

    Of course, the doc also said that croup in adults is usually a very bad cold or cough – it’s just in small children that it can become life-threatening and sound so scary!

    That said, I have had many ADULTS tell me in the past few weeks that they still get croup. Who knows??!! I just know that it is terrible, whether it’s croup or just a bad cold. Praying for you and yours to feel better soon.

    p.s. Selah was feeling better soon afterwards – it is not usually a long-lasting illness. Hope that holds true for you guys as well~L.

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