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I was showing Kelly my blog last night – on Stephen’s computer. While I was looking at it – I realized that my pretty little script-y signature can’t be viewed on computers that don’t have the ChopinScript font installed! (Ok, so it was a “duh” moment) I had thought about it earlier, and intended to do something about it later – and forgot.

I fixed it now, lol! I created a graphic with my signature so everybody can see it the way I see it. (giggle) Controlling, aren’t I? LOL!

I also had an interesting discussion with my mother-in-law tonight about web design. The school (Blessed Hope Baptist School in York, SC) is thinking about having a website designed, and since Mom remembered I do my own websites, she asked me some questions.

I told her (well, Stephen too) that I should put a sign on my blog that says “Web Nerd For Hire” – just to see if I get any “bites.” I enjoy web design (and the back end other computer stuff too) so much that Stephen and I have talked about me going to a local college to get a degree in web design or e-commerce or something related, and then running a business from home. It’s never gone very far, but we have discussed it. It has me thinking now, though! I love all the other businesses we have – but this sounds like fun too.

How’s that for two very unrelated degrees? One in music (sacred piano arranging and performance) and one in computer-related technology. Hmmmmmm. I can almost see it.

It sounds like it’d be neat! But on the other hand, I’m not so sure. As a homemaker (and a very content one at that! I love staying home!), my first responsibility is to my sweet husband and our son (and any future children). I’d be afraid that being a “web nerd for hire” would take away too much time from my family. Then again – guess you never know.

Gonna have to pray about that one. It sounds like something that would fit our family, but there is no way I want to pursue it if it’s not something the Lord would have us do!

Hmmmm. Guess we’ll see about it, huh?

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  1. Melody, where did you get your degree in music? I wish I had gone to college when I had the chance, but I let it slip by me. I hope to get a chance after all my kids are finished with school – say, 5 or 6 years from now? I’d love to study music some more!

    The good thing about home businesses is that you can set your own hours. You only have to accept the number/quality of jobs that you can handle with your wife/mother responsibilities. I hope you can pursue your dreams!

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