Had a wonderful evening!

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Tonight was the children’s Christmas party at church. Stephen and I decided to drop Little man off and go have an evening to ourselves. It has been months since we’ve had a date night! Tonight was so wonderful!

We went to Cracker Barrel and ate for only $10! He he he he! We had some gift cards that we had saved, so when it was all said and done, we only had to pay $10 out of pocket. And we ate some nice meals too (shrimp and the Friday fish fry) so it’s not like we didn’t eat much.

We went to Walmart to get a few groceries afterwards, before going back to get Little man.

They had the Folgers French Vanilla coffee I’ve been looking for! So Stephen let me buy some. I will be using it very sparingly! It wasn’t outrageously expensive, but it wasn’t exactly dirt cheap either, so I will be rationing it out and using it as a treat here and there. I like plain coffee just fine, but I have really been missing my vanilla coffee. Yum!

Both of us are still coughing. It’s rough. Poor guy – Stephen hardly slept at all last night. When he did, it was out in the living room where he could sleep sitting up. I hope he sleeps better tonight!

But oh – that date tonight was so refreshing! Just time for the two of us. It was absolutely wonderful!

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2 thoughts on “Had a wonderful evening!”

  1. Welcome home, Susan! I’m glad you enjoyed eating at Cracker Barrel while you were here.

    That vanilla coffee – I enjoyed it VERY much this morning!

  2. Ahhhh . . . Cracker Barrel!!!!! We don’t have them here in Canada or in the northwest US, so the first place we ate when we got into SC last week was Cracker Barrel. The last place we ate was also Cracker Barrel! LOL We enjoyed it so much, and I picked up a Yankee Candle and 4 Christmas ornaments, including 2 of the little Cracker Barrel store ornaments.

    Glad you had a nice time out with your dh. When you have a little one, sometimes the alone times are few and far between. Enjoy your vanilla coffee!

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