God is good

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Do you ever just stop and count your blessings?

I’m sitting here catching up on all my email and reading friends’ blogs and drinking a steaming hot cup of my favorite vanilla coffee. :coffee3_ms: Then my mind wandered to how thankful I am to have this coffee.

See, they used to sell this coffee whole bean, so we bought a grinder and bought the whole bean coffee. Well, eventually they stopped carrying the Folgers whole bean flavored coffee. I was crushed! That French Vanilla was my favorite! I looked everywhere, and couldn’t find an affordable replacement. Then, one day, I got a box from Pampers in the mail. Instead of having a diaper sample, it had a coffee sample inside. (Weird, huh? Stephen and I both got a laugh out of that one!) The sample was of Folgers Cinnamon Swirl coffee (which was delicious, by the way – I will most likely buy it soon too), and there was also a coupon in the box. I glanced at the coupon, and found out that Folgers is introducing a line of “new” flavors! Yay! It turns out that these flavors are not new – they are simply selling the same coffee (ground now, instead of whole bean) in different packaging with new labels. I had found my favorite coffee again! Only one Wal-Mart in town carries it (the one Stephen and I call “our” Wal-Mart because it’s so close to our house), but I found it.

So – I was thinking about how I’m thankful for my coffee. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, but I’ve gone without it long enough to be truly thankful for it.

My mind wandered from there. LOL! I started thinking about how Stephen had to scrape the ice off his windshield before he could leave for work, and I became very thankful for the warm house we have and for the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere until this afternoon.

We really have so much! Oh sure, Stephen’s looking for a new job now, but there’s so much we still have. We have clothes to wear, food to eat, and our bills get paid every month. There’s a roof over our heads, and we even have a fireplace which not only looks nice but saves us money by heating our home.

And then there’s Little man. How could I forget him? He’s the light of my life! That silly little boy that loves to kiss Mommy when Daddy wants a hug! I look at him countless times each day and wonder, “How am I so blessed?”

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