Down to one

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Well…even though I said we were considering two jobs the other day…we’re down to one now. One of them just didn’t have what we wanted. Or, more specifically – had what we didn’t want.

There were several factors we were considering, but when each question we had came up with an answer we couldn’t deal with, we ended up crossing that ministry off our list. We have complete peace about that decision; we prayed that God would close the door to this ministry if He didn’t want us there, and He did.

So now we’re down to one. There is still some information that we lack, but Stephen will probably call about it today. (deep breath, Melody – it’s going to be ok!) This next step is so big! Kinda scary, to be honest! But God has really given me peace about everything. I don’t know if we’ll end up at this one ministry or not – but I have peace that God is going to work things out. He always does!

I don’t really know what’s next, other than the obvious. I do know that we’re going to MI for Christmas to see my family. YAY! But other than that – the rest of December is mostly uncertain. Oh wait – we are having a spaghetti dinner at the school on Thursday. That’s always fun – and the lady that makes the spaghetti makes some yummy spaghetti. Then school is out the 21st – next Wednesday. Some of the parents were trying to get Preacher to let school be out this Friday, but we’ll see. I’m not convinced he’ll let them out earlier, lol! Maybe we’ll be suprised, though! That would be really nice.

But anyways – that’s what’s up with us here.

I had to get a bunch of stuff out of my closet the other day to get to my recital supplies I had stashed there (cups, plates, etc), and I decided I’m going to go through it and put a bunch of it on Freecycle. We have so much stuff we don’t need! And having it all in the way is driving me nuts, LOL!

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  1. Hey can I have first dibs on your stuff??? At least let me look them over!!! Well I’m glad your down to one, now maybe there will be none!!!! LOL LOL Bye for now!!!!

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