Christmas musings

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Yesterday our preacher preached a hellfire-and-brimstone message against Santa Claus. It was very good! To sum it all up – he was pointing out to us how teaching our children about Santa Claus is one of the ways the world is using to take Christ out of Christmas.

It really made me think about just how commercialized CHRISTmas has really become.

This year, our Christmas will be a bit different from the usual. We’re flying to Michigan to see my family. We’re going to church Sunday morning, and then we’ll leave straight from church to go to the airport. We would have liked to stay for the evening service too, but there were no more flights out on Christmas Day that didn’t overlap the service somehow. We’ll spend a week up there, and we’ll return on New Year’s Eve.

With the loss of Stephen’s job, we’ve really pulled in the reigns as far as money is concerned. We wanted to be cautious about our spending so that by January, we weren’t so pressed for income if Stephen has not started a new job yet. We have already bought one gift for Little man, before we found out about the job. We may just give him that gift this year. He’s still little, and it’s something I know he’ll really enjoy (he had a blast playing with it in the store when I first found it, LOL!). In light of today’s society, I’d love to shower him with tons of gifts – but he has so many toys already! It’s hard to justify buying him lots of toys when he has a hard time playing with everything he has to start with. It’s just not necessary. Stephen and I haven’t decided what to do about gifts for each other yet. We really have not discussed it at great length.

Since Christmas is celebrating Christ’s birthday, I’m trying to figure out ways to celebrate with our family that focus on the REAL meaning – not on just giving each other gifts. I want to make Christmas special – but where my children understand that if it weren’t for Christmas – we wouldn’t have a Savior who came to die for us.

I have considered making a birthday cake on Christmas Eve. After all, it is Christ’s birthday! Since we’re leaving for a week, I also thought about making cupcakes and freezing what we don’t eat – so we can still have the cake but won’t have to worry about it going bad.

It’s also been interesting to read other Christian ladies’ blogs – there are so many women out there with so many good ideas!

When we decide what we’re going to do (for sure) I’ll post an update!

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