Christmas Decorations

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The past few years I have been decorating the front windows of our home. I contemplated not putting it up this year, but since we don’t have room in our living room for a Christmas tree, I figured I’d put the window decorations up.

For the front window, I usually do the same thing each year. I drape 3 silver beaded garlands across the top (hanging from hooks on the curtain rod). Then I drape 3 snowflake garlands – two silver and one gold colored. Over that I put white Christmas lights (the ones on the white wire), and then I drape cranberry-colored tulle over it all. Then, to disguise the hooks, I put a big puffy bow over each one. These bows are made out of blue wired ribbon with sparkly snowflakes on it. Since my living room is mostly a combination of country blue and burgundy, this color combination goes well. The whole thing really dresses up the living room.

And yes, I am well aware that my rocking chair is green. That’s the only color they had when I bought it, and I haven’t gotten around to re-covering it yet.

Someday, I’d like to pick up at least 3 more snowflake garlands so that I can do it completely in snowflakes. But I like the combination too, so I don’t know.

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