You know you live in the South when…

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…when you hear an ice cream truck coming down your road on December 20! :laugh_tb:

Sure enough, it’s 1 pm, and the ice cream truck just drove by. What’s up with that? Do they figure that the kids are out of school so they can drive around? Who’s gonna buy ice cream in 30 degree weather? Not me! Well, I might, but I’d rather go to the store and buy a whole bunch rather than pay $3 for one treat.

It always makes me laugh when the ice cream truck goes by anyways – it makes the dog howl every time! It just is too funny.

I wonder if they’ll still keep driving by all through Christmas break too?

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3 thoughts on “You know you live in the South when…”

  1. They probably will, because last year they went year round her on my road. (And you know how VERY far away that is. lol!)

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