Holiday helper

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I got out the boxes of Christmas decorations the other day. I was so proud of myself – I crawled under the house to get them all by myself! Ok, so that doesn’t sound like much – but if you knew how much I HATE spiders, and if you saw the opening to the door – you might understand.

Anyways, in one box was a Santa hat. Now, we don’t celebrate Santa, but I like the hats. We have an adult-sized one and a baby-sized one that didn’t even fit Sam when he was little! I stuck the big one on S’s head. TOO CUTE!

I need to take pictures of our front window decorations, but I’ve been waiting until it’s dark to do it. When I get them taken, I’ll post them too.

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  1. OOOOHHHHHHHHHH, Now how cute is that?? He’s to adorable!! Can I have a picture of that?? Jasmine and I would love it!!! You know what makes it really cute??? His rosy red cheeks and nose!!!!! Gota have a picture of that!!!

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