What fun!

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We decided to have R and K and their two daughters J and A over last night for our Thanksgiving feast. It was a blast!

Stephen and I got up early and dropped Sam off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandpa wanted to spend some time with his boy, so we let him, lol! Then we took off and went to Walmart. I don’t know about that Black Friday shopping – the deals are good, but I sure don’t care for the crowds! But that’s ok.

Then we came home and cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked and…

By the time R and K got here I was wiped out. They kept telling me I didn’t have to do all that work – but you know – I don’t get to go “all out” like that very often. I love it! I wanted to add some more finishing touches but I couldn’t find the stuff for it. (I had candles on the tables, and I couldn’t find the sparkly autumn leaves I wanted to use for decoration) It was ok though. And the leftovers – I vacuum sealed some of those and put them in the freezer.

Why? We ate turkey and stuffing on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and we have a family reunion today too where we’ll more than likely eat turkey and stuffing. I don’t mind it four days in a row, but I don’t want to come home and eat it 4 more days here too. So, we’ll pull it out later and enjoy it as if I have just made it. Yummy!

But I’m not entirely sure we’ll go to the reunion today. We both woke up feeling kinda crummy! We had planned to go, and we still might, but now we’re trying to decide. I’m feeling better the longer I’m up, but I’m not so convinced about Stephen.

Well, my hands are going numb, so I’d best get off the computer, lol! (This is a rather recent symptom of my fibromyalgia – it’s just started in the past couple of weeks, so I’m still trying to learn how to deal with it)

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