The first chick is hatching!

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We were just getting ready to go to bed when Stephen heard chirping!

My parents bought Stephen an incubator for Christmas. They wanted to see the look on his face when he opened it, and since we’re flying up there, they couldn’t give it to him up there (MI). So when Mom and Dad visited last, they bought the incubator and gave it to him then.

Stephen immediately put eggs in it.

Well, today was day 21. We knew it would be soon. I’ve been watching and checking on it all day, wondering when the little baby would come out to play. (LOL!)

Now, here it is, an hour and a half later than we usually go to bed, and we’re up watching the chick hatch.


We have some Rhode Island Red chicks that are supposed to hatch by the end of the week. I hope both of them hatch – our Red rooster is dying! We’re not exactly sure what is wrong with him, but he is very sick. So knowing that we have some purebred Red chicks is a little reassuring.

Stephen’s practically hovering over that incubator!

“Come on out, little chick!”

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