Spray bottles are fun!

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We have several water spray bottles around the house. One of them is in Little man’s room. We use it with our cloth diaper wipes. It’s much cheaper, and we can use as much or as little water as we like.

A couple weeks ago, Little man figured out how to spray water on himself. It was pretty funny to go in his room and find him sitting on the floor, soaking wet, spraying himself in the face with the water bottle.

This morning after he had eaten, I grabbed a wipe and the water bottle to clean his face with (oatmeal is STICKY!). I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let him play with the bottle for a minute, so I handed it to him.

By the time he was done, he had water beads on his eyelashes, and water dripping off of his nose, chin, and ears. What a happy camper, though!

Then, the little goof, waited until I took a sip of my coffee…and then looked at me and growled. I laughed so hard, I nearly spit out my coffee! My little stinker!

I just kept thinking of what a sweet little boy God has given me. He gives me so much joy! What a sweet way to brighten my day…

My favorite, though, is when I tell him to “Give Mama a kiss.” He loves to kiss people – but my favorite is when he tries to kiss me on the lips like Daddy does. We’re trying to teach him to kiss us on the cheek, but he still thinks because Daddy kisses Mama on the lips, that he can too.

What a sweet little boy I have!

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2 thoughts on “Spray bottles are fun!”

  1. What a sweetie!! Isaac, too, tries to kiss momma on the lips. Now, normally, our kids will kiss us on the lips, but it will be the really quick peck-type of kiss. Sometimes though, when Isaac is feeling especially “lovey”, he will try to grab me by the face and ‘plant one one me’. The first time he did it I was so surprised! It was so sweet!! He was merely copying what he had seen daddy do to momma. We are working on helping him to understand how he and daddy can show love to momma in *different* ways….

    They are so adorable~ Praise God for these little blessings!

  2. Yes, Sam is a little cutie!!! And I’m glad you finally got a post out!! They are so cute with there kisses! Right now Abigail will open her mouth and plant one on you, ANY where her mouth lands!!! Lips, eyes, hair, it doesn’t matter to her as long as she kisses you!!! LOL LOL!

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