Saturday night update

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Today’s post will be somewhat scattered: I’m utterly exhausted.

Our church’s Homecoming service is tomorrow morning. I am so excited! We have had so many saved in the past month I am eagerly awaiting what God has planned for tomorrow.

The ladies met at church this morning to clean, and I vacuumed the pews. With my fibro, that probably wasn’t the best idea. I’ve been in a “fibro fog” the rest of the day. I just can’t seem to get with the program. It’s been frustrating.

I have 4 loaves of wheat bread in the oven for the meal at church. It’s just now starting to smell good. I love bread made from freshly ground wheat!

Dinner tonight was a flop. I tried to make salmon patties, which usually isn’t an issue. I tried a new recipe, though, that called for mashed potatoes. Not thinking, I used instant, but instant potatoes won’t firm up into patties (learned that last week). So we had salmon potato glop for dinner. Stephen liked it, and even ate two bowls. The texture disgusted me so it was all I could do to finish the one bowl.

Sam alternated today between not feeling well and giving Mama and Daddy lots of wet, snotty kisses. Makes me smile every time – even if I do have to wipe his snot off my face! I have the sweetest little boy. :wub_tb: He was so into kissing earlier today that he was even kissing his reflection on the oven door! (Don’t worry, the oven was off then)

Guess that’s about all – please be in prayer for our services tomorrow that many more will come to Christ!

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