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Real life. What’s yours like?

I was thinking this morning about reading someone else’s blog, and it really got me thinking. What is that blogger like in person? Many of the blogs I read are written by people whom I have never met face-to-face. What are they like? What are their values?

It made me think about my own blog. I’m sure most of my readers aren’t friends that I see at our church every week. What do they think of me? How do I portray myself on my blog? Would my readers, if they met me in person, say, “Yeah, that’s the same person,” or do I portray myself as an entirely different person? Would my readers meet me and say, “Wow – I can’t believe she acts like that – what a terrible testimony!”

I can say on my blog that I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman, but if I do not live it, what does that make me? If I don’t try to obey God’s Word in real life, doesn’t that make me a hypocrite?


Sure, I try to live right and do what God would have me do, but if I portray myself as someone I’m not, then that would make me a hypocrite.

Lord, help me to live for you in all I do and say, not just in what I say!

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3 thoughts on “Real life”

  1. You didn’t think i read this, did ya? 🙂 After knowing you since 7th grade Mel, you portray yourself exactly as who you are! Worry not my friend.


  2. Its a nice thing to keep in perspective. Some of these bloggers look like superwoman! 🙂 I read someones profile one time that said basically, this is the good part of my life, I keep the bad parts personal so dont read too much into this. It made a lot of sense. We obviously are not going to put all the bad things that happen or mistakes we make out for the world to see.
    Good post!


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