Pastor Appreciation Cakes

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We had our Pastor Appreciation fellowship after church Sunday night. Instead of ordering a sheet cake, we did something unusual.

First, a little background information.

We have a class at church for girls ages 5(ish) to those young ladies who are not married yet. We call it the God’s Ideal Young Ladies class. This class meets one Saturday a month, to learn things like cooking, sewing, frugal living, and other homemaking skills. I help lead this class. It is a huge blessing to watch the girls as they learn new things.

We held the Ideal Young Ladies class the day before the fellowship, and we taught the girls to decorate cakes. Instead of one large sheet cake, each girl had her own 6 inch cake to decorate whichever way she chose. We wanted to be able to bake the cakes as well, but since each class only lasts 2-3 hours, there was no way we could do that. I spent the end of last week baking 8 little cakes for the girls, as well as one (two-layer) heart-shaped cake. When the girls arrived Saturday afternoon, we showed them how to make frosting, and then we immediately jumped into decorating. I taught them how to decorate their cakes as I decorated my own. It was so much fun! We were a little dissappointed to see that some of the girls couldn’t come, but it worked out very well. We had 8 cakes, and 8 girls came.

One of the girls had the idea to photograph each of them holding the cake that they had decorated (I brought my digital camera). When I got home, I took those pictures and made a collage of them, and I included the date of the fellowship on it as well. I also printed out each girl’s individual picture.

For the fellowship itself, we placed the heart-shaped cake in the center, with the 8 small cakes around it. Then we took plastic forks and put the girls’ pictures in the tines (using it as a photograph holder) and placed the handle of the fork into each cake. The girls were so proud to see their photos displayed with their cakes. The center cake we did the same way, only instead of placing my picture on it, we put the collage on it instead. When the fellowship was over, our pastor was able to take the collage with him as a keepsake, and each of the girls had a photograph to remember the event as well.

(You can click on the picture to see a bigger version of it)

This could be done with any number of cakes, and really, for any special occasion. We had an assortment of cake flavors (4 small chocolate, 4 small yellow, and the heart was red velvet). We color-coordinated the frosting, so each cake had the same colors (we did an autumn theme). Clear plastic forks would look the best for photo holders, but we used white because that’s what was available. Any phrase or saying could be spelled out on the cakes as well. We had the center three say “We Love You.” We put “Love” on the heart cake, and then the “We” and “You” went onto the two small cakes on either side. There are so many ways it could be done.

Our pastor was thrilled with the cakes! The girls each did a wonderful job, and it made a special event even more special.

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