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I got a bunch of new products added to the jewelry store today. The store looks pretty good now, if I say so myself, LOL! Not quite done yet, but definitely getting there.

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week working on taking new photographs of the jewelry that I have. I’ve made a lot of changes to how I’ve been doing each picture, and I’m finally pleased with the results.

So last night and today I went back into the software and worked on some modifications that were there. I had made a couple changes, but my pictures weren’t displaying correctly, so it took me about two hours to find what the problem was! Once I figured that out, things went much quicker.

Stephen and I networked our computers a few months ago, but aside from him using my printer or listening to music that’s on my hard drive from his computer, we haven’t used the network much. Tonight, I had been on the computer so long that I didn’t want to spend any more time away from my family. I turned Stephen’s computer on and went to work. What a blessing! I was able to go online and work on my store while I accessed the files on my computer’s hard drive. It was so nice to be in the same room as my family!

I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. I have new pictures for most of the products in the store, but haven’t had a chance to change them yet. I’m in the process of changing over to a new image storage structure on my server, and it’s been quite the process. I didn’t know enough at the beginning to set it up that way, so I didn’t. Now that I know how, I’m changing things. It’s a bit more complicated, but in the long run, things will be much more organized and I will have a much easier time sorting and finding product images.

Feel free to take a look now if you like – it’s Hope of My Heart Designs, but please remember I’m not quite 100% done yet. I hope to have everything finished tomorrow, but I’m not sure if that’s a realistic goal or not.

It really amazes me about this business. It all started with a friend liking a bracelet I had made – I had no intention of selling jewelry! And now look – God has really grown my little hobby into a business. I love it. It’s so nice too, because making the jewelry is relaxing, and I can schedule it around Little man’s naptimes so it doesn’t take up family time. And the income, well, I have to admit, it’s awfully nice too.

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2 thoughts on “More work ahead”

  1. Melody, wow that is a Great Blessing from God. You have such a Great Talent. Thank you for sharing your Jewelry Business with us.
    I can’t wait to see all the new products show it to my Dh and order some from you.
    God Bless You and Your Family as well as the Ministry you all have and your Business.

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