Lady needs to go

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I opened the vertical blinds this morning to see our dog Lady attacking the chickens! :shock_tb: (I need a steam-coming-out-my-ears smiley for here, because that’s exactly how I felt!)

I called Stephen, just seething. He told me to let Buddy (our other dog) off his chain. I wasn’t sure how that would help me catch Lady, but it worked. Buddy ran right down there and chased Lady right to me like he knew that’s what I wanted.

Somehow she worked a hole in her fence and got out this morning. She got the lower doors of the condo open, and let 6 of the new babies out. In the time it took to dump Little man in his crib and run out there, she had killed four of them.

Stephen had only put 6 babies in the lower condo because the doors weren’t as solid, and I’m glad now that that’s the way he did it.

I did catch one, and took care of the four that Lady killed. I couldn’t find the sixth one. I hope she’s just hiding.

I came inside, and as soon as Little man went down for a nap, I sent an email out to Freecycle to find a new home for Lady. This is the second time she’s killed our chickens (the first time, they flew right into her pen), and it just can’t happen again. I’ve already gotten one response, but I’m waiting to see how many more emails I receive about her before I make a decision. We’d love to have her gone today!

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3 thoughts on “Lady needs to go”

  1. We have a lady that’s supposed to come get her tonight. If she doesn’t, I have one other person. After those two people, we’ll see what happens. I’ll have to check out – thanks!

  2. If you still have Lady, may I recommend It will take a little longer, but you will find more serious inquiries. I have helped find homes for several rescued Golden Retrievers this way. Also, I would suggest an adoption fee. That way you are more likely to find a good home. You can wave the adoption fee once you find a suitable match. If not, I hope you’ve found her a good home. Having chickens, I do understand.

  3. I hope you’re able to find a good home for her.

    Freecycle is great–I just joined a few months ago, and I’ve been able to get rid of some things that otherwise would have been hard to get rid of.

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