Ironic meeting

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We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from church tonight so I could pick up a pregnancy test. I grabbed a 2-pack of First Response. (Before you assume that I’m pregnant, I’ll let you know that I have to test every month due to a certain medication that I take)

How’s this for irony………….I used to counsel at our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Well, I quit because we were adopting, and the adoption was considered a ‘conflict of interest’ with counselling.

Tonight, my cashier was a lady that I was helping to train to counsel. She looked at the test and said, “But I thought you were adopting!” I said, “We did! He’s 18mo old now” Her reply? “Well, it just has to be positive now” Typical response………..but she was really nice about it and was hoping it would be positive for us.

This particular grocery store spits out cash register coupons that are related to the product you’ve purchased. My lucky coupon? Boost Healthy Mom pregnancy shakes. A rather um, interesting coupon for someone who’s trying to see if she’s pregnant! The irony of the entire situation completely blows me away.

Wouldn’t that be ironic if it really was positive???????

I’ll be testing in the morning, but I’m not sure when I’ll post an update. If it is positive, there are several friends and family members that I’d want to tell in person before I announce it publicly!

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