Happy Thanksgiving!

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I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving time already!

We’ll be spending Thanksgiving Day with Stephen’s family. For as long as he can remember, everyone meets at Grandma’s house. Grandma and PawPaw Cook are in their 80’s and yet we still all meet there. Everyone brings a ton of food! I’m bringing an Apple Date salad that Grandma just loves. I’ll bring something else too, but I haven’t decided what yet.

On Friday, we’ll cook a huge dinner here at home. We’ve been talking about having company, but Stephen wasn’t sure who to invite so we have yet to extend an invitation to anyone. If he decides before church…then maybe we’ll ask someone there tonight. We’ll see.

Our menu for our Thanksgiving meal is:

Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Apple Salad
Cloverleaf rolls (maybe)
Pumpkin Pie

We’ve been so busy with the school Thanksgiving Dinner that honestly, I haven’t finished planning our menu. Stephen and I were up late (as in 2am late) cooking turkeys. At 2am I discovered that our oven has an auto-off feature, and had turned itself off with the turkey still inside! Of course, it had been on for twelve hours straight, but still, I was not happy to find out that way. The turkey was done, so it wasn’t a disaster. I cooked the turkey last year for the school dinner too. I really enjoy it! We did 26 pounds of turkey yesterday, and ended up bringing almost half of it back home! I’m going to go chop it fairly fine, and then vacuum seal it and freeze it for soups and casseroles and other stuff later in the year.

I also have our turkey for Friday thawing in the cooler. Our frig is not big enough to thaw a 14-pound turkey well – the bottom is so cold that it stays frozen, and the other shelves have no room. So every year, we put the turkey in our cooler filled with ice water and thaw it that way. It works quite well. And yes, I make sure the water stays cold so that nobody will get sick.

Our stuffing should be yummy. I made some wheat bread a couple weeks ago, and it turned out much drier than I like, so I diced it, lightly toasted it, and put it in the freezer. That freshly-ground-wheat-bread stuffing should be delicious! I may not put it in the bird – that’s one thing I haven’t decided for sure yet.

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