Freezing veggies

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Did you know you can freeze celery? I didn’t. A friend of mine mentioned it to me the other day. She said she freezes celery when she buys it because it goes bad before she can use it all.

It goes bad here too – Stephen doesn’t like it plain, and neither do I. But I sure do like it in certain things – like stuffing, and in soups and stuff.

So yesterday, when I was making dinner, I figured I could do a little bit more work. While I was chopping the celery to put inside the turkey (and in the stuffing too), I chopped the whole bag. Then, I made little vacuum seal bags from our roll of bags, and vacuum sealed little packets of celery. Each packet had about a handful of celery in it – just enough to put in soups and stuff. Yay! Now I can use fresh celery instead of the dried stuff I’d been using.

I was going to do the same with onions, but I didn’t get that far yesterday. That, and since we usually have onions in the house, I wasn’t as concerned with getting some into the freezer.

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