Created to Be His Help Meet

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Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl is a WONDERFUL book! I had read in many places here on the web about what a good book it was, but I wasn’t convinced. I knew next to nothing about the Pearls’ ministry. I wanted to find out for myself.

When I found out a lady from church had the book, I asked her if I could borrow it. Just a few chapters in it, I decided I liked the book. By the time I was done – I was convinced. I had to get my own copy. It turns out that some friends of ours knew how to get me a copy – their church buys them by the case and sells them.

I received my own copy on Saturday. I was so excited to find a good, solid “how to be a good wife” book that I flew through the copy I borrowed. Now that I have my own, I plan to re-read the book, taking notes this time.

If you’re a wife who hasn’t read Created to Be His Help Meet, you need to get a copy. After reading the book for one week and trying to make changes in how I relate to my husband, I got quite the confirmation that my efforts were paying off. Stephen came up to me and thanked me the other day. I had to ask him what he was talking about as I had no idea. “For all you’re trying to do to be a good wife.” Wow. I didn’t think I made that many changes, but he noticed.

And you know – I’ve enjoyed just about every minute of those changes too! It amazes me how one little change leads to another, and another, and another, and…

Maybe someday I’ll be able to be one of those Titus 2 women that all the younger ladies at church look up to and say, “I want to be just like her when I’m her age.”

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