"Are you trouble?"

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I was sharing this over at HP earlier, and I thought y’all might get a kick out of it too.

I had an interesting (and hilarious!) conversation with Little man tonight. I was washing dishes, and he was sitting on the floor about 8 feet away from me drinking and playing with his sippie.

“Are you trouble?”
I giggled. Then he started laughing at himself – he thought he was pretty hot stuff!

So I asked him again, “Are you trouble?”
Another “No” and another giggle from him.

“Are you a stinker?”

“Are you a goofball?”

“Are you Mommy’s boy?”

“Are you Daddy’s boy?”

At this point I was pretty curious what he’d say “No” to so I started to ask some other questions.

“Do you want a baby sister to play with?”
“Yes, baby. Do you want a baby sissie?”

“Do you want a brother to play with?

I guess we better put in an order for a baby sister for him, huh?????? HA!

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