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Ok – the computer nerd in me is coming out again! Here I am again, changing the look of my blog once more. :type_ms:

I just love these graphics. I got them at Grace there does some beautiful work! My favorite part of this set though, is the lambs. They’re too adorable!

And with Christmas approaching – I really wanted a Christmas theme. This is just perfect – a Christmas theme that deals with the REAL Reason for the season – Christ!

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3 thoughts on “New blog theme”

  1. Oh, it looks really neat! I would love to change my blog template, but I don’t know how. I have managed to get links and such on, but that’s it!

  2. Why thank you, Meredith! That was very sweet of you! That floral pitcher design is one of my favorites too – I’ll most likely put it back up come January.

  3. I love it! Fresh and crisp for the new season. By the way, I had nominated your blog for “Best Traditional Design” in the Blogs of Beauty award. My favorite wallpaper was the lilac floral pitcher design you had this summer.

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