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But not out! The devil has been attacking us so badly. It is amazing how when God’s people try to live right, the devil moves in to attack. Our church is beginning to go through revival, and Satan is not happy! He’s been on the rampage, and we’re one of the families that he hit this time.

I really have been around, but we have been so busy trying to get things in order that I have not had much time to write. To be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of things to blog about, really.

We have the boys from the home here, though. The director and his wife have been at the hospital for the past several days due to a family member being near death. We’ve had the boys so that they can be with their family without worrying about other things.

I don’t know if they boys will come home with Stephen tonight again or not. It’s just been a day-to-day thing. Stephen calls me when he gets word, and I plan accordingly.

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