4 more saved yesterday

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God sure is moving in a mighty way at Pilgrim Baptist Church. Yesterday, 4 more people accepted Christ. What a neat way to celebrate our Homecoming Sunday!

Many of the people who have accepted Christ lately at our church have been teens. It is so neat to see them get saved, and then bring their friends to church with them, and then be able to watch as their friends accept Christ as well.

God is so good.

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3 thoughts on “4 more saved yesterday”

  1. 14, if I’m counting right. Amazing, huh? God has really visited our little church….and He just keeps saving, and saving, and saving!

  2. Wow! How many have been saved at your church in the past month or so? This is fantastic! I know it’s exciting, and I’m praising the Lord with you. Amen!

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