I just realized something

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Nothing around here is ever dull! :laugh_tb: Between living with 48 chickens, 2 dogs, and a fish, exploding buttermilk in my oven (oh yeah, I never did blog about that, did I? Guess I need to do that soon), tree limbs falling, and now our dog getting loose – we have no want for excitement around here.

We’ve joked about calling this place the York Crazy Bird Farm – maybe we really should!!!!! :jittery_tb:

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1 thought on “I just realized something”

  1. Just wanted to say I came to your blog from someone elses (I am ashamed to say I cant remember who!). I have enjoyed reading and loved the posts on your adoption process. We are in the process of adopting three sisters who are in our home from foster care. They are 8,5, and 4. We also have another little guy who is 2 who we should start the adoption process on next year. I love the look of the place..its so cozy and homey. Please feel free to check out my blog. Its an eclectic mix of adoption notes, soap box issues, home maintenace, and whatever else pops into my head for the day! 🙂


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