Scripture on my wall

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A recent thread on HP had me scrambling to to see what I could learn. I found the neatest websites where people had painted Scripture on their walls.

I felt pretty ambitious, so I typed up a verse (Psalm 119:105) that went with my bathroom theme (lighthouses) and went into the guest bath to paint. I painted the verse on the wall next to the vanity mirror – right above the light switches.

This is what the finished product looks like. I painted the lighthouse months ago, but I added the verse today. I am very pleased with how it looks. Now I’m brainstorming to see how I can incorporate verses into the rest of the rooms in my house.

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7 thoughts on “Scripture on my wall”

  1. I typed it on the computer in a font I liked, and printed it onto regular paper. Then, I placed it on the wall, and traced the letters with a stylus. It worked on my bathroom wall (wallboard) but it wouldn’t work on the wood panelling that we have in the living room.

    Then I painted it by hand with plain old craft paint, and compared it to the page I printed.

    I have no idea what we’ll do in our new house – especially if the walls are harder than they are here! Probably use carbon paper or something…

  2. Melody, that’s great! Did you use a stencil and regular wall point, or something different? I love it!

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