Pulled a muscle (or two or three)

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With the temperatures finally lowering here in the Carolinas, I couldn’t justify running our air conditioner any longer. I’ve been wanting to open the windows, but the only windows I can really open are all on the east side of the house. That’s fine, except it doesn’t help blow a breeze through the house that much.

So I started thinking of how I could fix it. I tried turning fans on, but that didn’t help much. I wanted to open the windows on the front (west) side of the house, but since the couch was in the way, I couldn’t. Then I realized that I could move the couch. :laugh_tb: It was one of those “duh” moments.

I moved the couch away from the windows, and put Stephen’s recliner and my rocking chair there instead. I love the way the living room looks now. Really, I just like the change. It turns out that Stephen was planning on re-arranging the furniture this weekend too – the same way I had in mind! We’ll be bringing the wood box (we have a fireplace that we heat with during the winter) inside this weekend so it’s ready to go when it gets cooler, and the way we arranged the furniture is pretty much the only way that we can fit everything in the living room. Unfortunately, since I got overly ambitious about doing the living room by myself, I pulled a muscle in my back. It’s not excruciating or anything, but I am sore. Given my fibromyalgia, I really should have waited to have Stephen do it for me, but oh well. It feels good to have done something physical on my own for once, even if I’m paying for it today.

Then at 9:30 last night we began re-arranging our bedroom too. That looks great as well. It really makes the room feel a lot bigger, and I really like it this way.

Well, I better sign off now. We haven’t eaten lunch yet, it’s already 12:30, and I need to get to the bank before 2pm.

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