I Bowed on My Knees and Cried "Holy"

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Holy are You, Lord. You are AMAZING!

Yesterday’s church services were unlike any I have ever attended. What started out as a “normal” Sunday quickly changed into an amazing day that glorified God like I have never seen in my life!

Our wonderful church has been running an average of 70 or so on Sunday mornings lately. Because we don’t have a huge number of people, our pastor teaches the adult Sunday School class. We’ve been studying Psalm 100. Preacher often will get so excited during Sunday School that by the time for morning service rolls around, he’s more than ready to preach. Yesterday was no exception. His message yesterday was a salvation message, like it has been the past couple of weeks. It was so neat to hear him preach yesterday – he had such liberty to preach. You could literally feel the presence of God in the service.

When Preacher gave the invitation, an 11-year-old boy came forward and accepted Christ. His family just joined the church 2 weeks ago. We left the service rejoicing.

When we returned for the evening service, we had a couple visit. The man and his wife were personal friends of Preacher and Teresa’s. They said that Preacher had “just dropped in” at their church a few weeks ago, so they were returning the favor. They came in unannounced. It was really neat. They have such unique testimonies – they were both trapped in religion (he was an AWANA leader, deacon, and I believe a Sunday School teacher as well, and she was in AWANA too). He got saved at age 38! One night at church, he left to go talk with someone about getting saved – and at the same time – the Holy Spirit nudged his wife’s heart telling her she was lost! They got saved on the same day at the same time in different rooms of the church, and neither one knew the other was getting saved. Spiritual twins, if you will. So last night, Preacher had him share his testimony.

Again it was evident that the Holy Spirit was at work. Preacher again had much liberty to preach. Several people gave their testimonies. One lady publicly apologized for being ashamed to admit that she had gotten saved. She had made a profession of faith and gotten baptized, then a while after that, actually got saved. She said she never told anyone because she was so afraid of what people might think of her.

When Preacher gave the invitation, he had Stephen and I sing, “I Bowed on My Knees and Cried ‘Holy.'” People almost immediately started coming forward. We had 5 people saved last night, and many others got right with God. One man got saved last night – he and his wife just joined the church last Wednesday. His wife’s brother has been attending Pilgrim with them, and all four of that family came forward; their two teenage kids both got saved. One of the teen boys from church came forward and got saved – we’ve been praying that God would set him on fire for Christ! And one of the boys from the boys’ home got saved last night as well. There were several people that had already accepted Christ, but had never gotten baptized, that wanted to.

I loved singing that song for the invitation. “I bowed on my knees and cried ‘Holy! Holy, Holy!’ I clapped my hands and sang ‘Holy! Holy to the Son of God!” It is such a powerful song, and it was such a blessing to be able to praise God in song last night while everybody was getting saved. Holy are You, Lord!

Families got right that we have been praying for for a long time. I have never seen such weeping and rejoicing and shouting in a church service. I don’t think there were very many dry eyes in the entire building! I know Stephen and I had a hard time singing for the tears that were streaming down both of our faces.

Our church is not one that is into a lot of the emotional side of things, but when you’ve been praying for someone for years, and they get saved, you can’t help but get a little emotional.

We just started a One Hour Watchers program about a month ago. Basically, people commit to read their Bibles and pray for one hour every day. It’s sort of a faith promise for our prayer time. The idea is to have someone from the church praying the entire 24 hours of the day. One of the things our church has been praying for is revival. I honestly believe that last night’s service is a direct result of the praying we’ve all been doing.

I also believe that last night’s service may be only a small sample of what God has in store for our church in the coming year.

We had 6 souls saved yesterday, and we have 13 people that will be baptized this coming Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “I Bowed on My Knees and Cried "Holy"”

  1. I totally agree. I cried too. It was hard not to. Some brought the tears more than, others, but every time someone got saved, I started all over again! It was amazing, and I hope it happens again real soon!

  2. Susan, that’s one thing that made last night so special to me. I was saved last summer, after a similar night of testimonies. I was saved July 10, and baptized on my 25th birthday – August 8, 2004.

    You can read my testimony here.

    I was able to share my testimony last night as well. Who knows – maybe my testimony was convicting to others – just like those testimonies were for me last summer!

  3. Praise the Lord!!! This is wonderful to read! I too was saved after 21 years of going to solid, fundamental Baptist churches. My pastor’s wife was saved the day before I was, and several other people were saved that week. It was a wonderful week in our church!

    Praying that your church sees even more revival! I’m SO rejoicing with you! Amen!

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