Encouraging my Husband

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In my prayer time this morning, I was praying for my dear, sweet husband. I was praying that the Lord would use him as He sees fit, and that He would help my honey to grow into the Godly man that God wants him to be.

Then it hit me. What am I doing to encourage him to grow in his Christian walk? When I stop and think about it, there are many things I can do to encourage my husband, but am I doing them? Are my words and actions those of love, actions that cause my husband to long to be more like our Savior? Or when I nag or complain, do they drive him away from being the man he is supposed to be? Do I cause him to have a bad attitude because I don’t have a sweet spirit?

It was rather convicting, really. But it really is true. He may be head of this household, but as the wife and mother of my home, my attitude really sets the stage for how things will be when he returns after work. Wow. This is going to be a challenge, because it’s so easy to complain and grumble about things. But when I stop to think of how sweet things could be in our home if I had a good attitude more often – it really makes me want to do my best!

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