Unexpected pizza blessings

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Last night when Stephen came home from work, he wasn’t in the mood for what I had planned for supper. We decided that since we had coupons, we’d order pizza. (Note – we don’t normally do this, but last night we decided to splurge a little. It’s been months since we ordered a pizza that wasn’t part of a mystery shop)

Since I had piano lessons, we decided that I’d go pick up the pizzas after my last lesson, even though it would mean a late supper. I ordered a ham and pepperoni pizza for Stephen, and a double mushroom one for me. YUM! Not that we were going to eat a whole pizza each, but the coupon was for two pizzas, so we each chose the toppings for one pizza.

I gave Stephen a hard time about making me go out in the rain after dark, but to be honest, it was nice to get away for a few moments by myself. The car smelled so good on the way home – just like a nice pepperoni pizza.

When I got home, I glanced at the receipt stickers on the side of the boxes to figure out which pizza was which, and I noticed a problem. I quickly opened one box, and sure enough, our order was wrong. Somehow I brought home a double pepperoni pizza. I quickly checked the other pizza, and it was exactly what Stephen had wanted.

I was pretty discouraged. I can’t eat pepperoni, and yet the pizza I was going to eat had double. I called the pizza place, and the girl I spoke with was very nice about everything. She told me that she could make me another one right then (there was no way I was going back out, driving another 20 minutes to the pizza place and then back again) or that she would credit my account with not one, but two free pizzas. I chose the two-pizza credit. She told me to just make sure that I used the same phone number the next time I called.

What a blessing! What started out a bit aggravating turned out to be a real blessing. I don’t know when we’ll order pizza next, but we got credit for two free ones! :thumbup_tb:

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