Self portrait fun

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Little man and I were looking at a lizard climbing on the sliding glass door this morning. I figured I’d get a picture of him looking at the lizard. He was so cute! (Little man, not the lizard! The lizard was neat-looking too though) But he was so interested in the camera, we ended up taking Little man-style self portraits. He tried to push the buttons on the camera, and we got some pretty interesting shots, LOL!

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4 thoughts on “Self portrait fun”

  1. Hmmmm usually under the posts there is a spot that says Leave a comment. if you click on that I believe you can leave a comment, however I might have the settings set to only accept other bloggers from homeschoolblogger… I’ll check that out and maybe you could try again. :o)

    Cookies don’t last long at our house either. My daughter loves to make them though and well who am I to argue.

    I really enjoy your blog Melody. You are a very quiet person… lol if that makes any sense at all. Maybe gentle is a better word.

    Love in Christ,


  2. That’s great that you were able to find that pattern. I hope the skirt turns out well for you. I went to your site and tried to leave a comment for you – and couldn’t find where, LOL! So I’m glad you updated me here. :O)

  3. Your both looking cute!! I wanted to also tell you that I picked up that simplicity pattern and got some cute kahkai twill material. I haven’t had the chance to start on the skirt yet, but hopefully soon I will be able too. Thanks for the pattern #’s.


    Theresa \o/

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