Round Two: Hurricane Rita

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It’s all over the news. Texas is evacuating from the coast. Hurricane Rita is a category 5 hurricane. Every channel you flip to has something to say about the hurricane.

My heart just breaks for those in the path of the hurricane. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have to evacuate, not knowing if your home will still be standing when you return. It’s a frightening thought. That thought alone has been enough to get me working on an emergency preparedness plan of my own (FlyLady has a good one that I use).

I have family down there in Houston. I just found this out this morning. I knew my aunt (well, she’s actually my great-aunt) had moved from NM, but I had totally forgotten where she had moved to. Mom reminded me this morning that she had moved to Houston to live with her daughter there. I hope she knows about the evacuation. She’s getting pretty old and feeble now, and I really hope she can get out of there easily.

Honestly, though, this hurricane business has me really thinking. Stephen and I were talking about it last night, and our preacher even mentioned it from the pulpit last night. I believe everything happens for a reason, and the fact that now two category 5 storms are hitting/have hit our country in the space of a month is hard to overlook. I saw a church marquee the other day that said it well, “9/11/01 and Katrina: America, can you hear me now? -God”

Is it judgement? Is it a wakeup call? I don’t know, and that’s not for me to decide. But I don’t think these two hurricanes are a coincidence at all. I think they’re both part of a Master Plan. I just wonder how God is going to use these two storms.

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