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I went to WalMart this afternoon to pick up a prescription. I had asked my doctor if I could switch to this medicine, because it’s a gentler form of the one I was on previously. She okay’d it, and called it in for me.

I was standing in line grumbling to myself about the cost of my medicine, and about how we don’t have prescription coverage, when I overheard the conversation the lady in front of me was having with the pharmacist. It seemed that her insurance coverage had run out, leaving her with a bill of over $300 – for insulin!

Almost immediately it hit me – I should not be complaining about it in the first place – and I definitely need to be thankful that it didn’t cost more than it did. I am thankful that the doctor prescribed the new medicine – the side effects were so bad that hopefully this new one will prove to be worth the higher price.

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