Home for Christmas

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I had an interesting conversation with my grandmother yesterday. I called Mom to talk to her like I usually do, and she told me that Grandma wanted to talk to me (she lives with my parents now). When she got on the phone, Grandma told me that she felt so bad at the thought of Little man having to sit in a carseat for 14 hours for us to drive up for Christmas that she decided she was going to pay for our airfare there. Wow! I’m thrilled!

Since Stephen’s family is here in SC, and mine is up in MI, we alternate holidays. We spend Thanksgiving here, and Christmas up there, and then the next year we switch. This year is the year we’ll be going to MI for Christmas. We had begun to talk about the trip, but we hadn’t made any decisions about it yet. One big issue was the cost: with the price of gas we weren’t completely sure how we were going to get there.

She told me that I am to go online and find tickets. I’ve been looking, but we need to get dates firmed up a little first. I’m playing for a wedding the 23rd, and school starts back on January 2, so we need to go in that week there, but we still haven’t figured out the finer details yet.

Now we don’t have to worry about it. Yay! Is that a huge blessing or what? I just love how God provided before we even had a chance to pray about it!

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