Growing in the Lord

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Lately in church our preacher has been challenging us to pray more consistently and more often. I made a commitment to a specific time each day. It has been amazing. Just in the past few weeks, it has been so neat to watch as the Lord is changing my life. I find I’m growing closer to Him than ever before.

I had been doing pretty well with my morning devotions and reading my Bible, but God convicted me that I was not spending nearly enough time in prayer. When people say they keep falling more in love with their Savior – they’re right. I see the changes my Lord is making in my life, and it makes me desire Him just that much more.

I get up early to have my quiet time. That time of the morning is so quiet and peaceful. No neighbors blaring music, the phone isn’t ringing, the tv is off. It is so beautiful to hear the noises of creation as it wakes up for the day. I don’t hear songbirds too often, but I do hear our roosters! But it’s such a peaceful time.

I find that the more I’m consistent at getting up early for my quiet time – the more I crave it. Mornings that don’t start with me in the Word usually end up being pretty crummy days.

Sometimes DH is up with me, reading his Bible too, but I try to be up before he is. But it just amazes me that he can be up reading his Bible and talking to our Savior at the same time as me – and the Lord can understand both of us!

We serve such an Awesome God, don’t we? How about you? Do you crave the time you spend with our Savior?

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